Talent Attraction

Hiring the best talent at all levels is currently a huge challenge within the UK hospitality sector. 

Gaining access to the right pool of candidates then engaging and sorting through those who are available can be a daunting task. Our candidate-sourcing approach identifies thousands of individuals that match your requirements. Let us do the leg work!

The Web

We use a variety of on-line resources to advertise and source talent for you depending on location and specialism:

Open Days

Open days are an opportunity for candidates and potential staff members to visit your business at one of your locations, interact with your team and give you an opportunity to really express your voice.

Psychometric Tests

These tests help to identify personality, attitudes, decision making skills, aptitude and knowledge. They provide an objective, evidenced based approach to screening and are strong indicators of potential job performance outside of traditional interview based testing. Generally these tests fall within three broad categories:

  • Aptitude tests
  • Behavioural tests
  • Assessment centres

Our Network of Chefs

At Chef on the Way we’re proud of our network. Over 60% of our candidates join as a result of referral or by working with us directly. We incentivise our team members to put us in touch with colleagues and co-workers to increase both the number and quality of our pool of job seekers. Currently (Feb 2020) we have an active pool of over 100 chefs with new members registering daily.

The Recruitment Journey

Step 1

The Recruitment Journey - Step 1

Clients develop a need for personnel

Clients contacts COTW with position needing to be filled.

Step 1
Step 2

The Recruitment Journey - Step 2

COTW arranges meetings to elicit client voice and requirements

This includes completion of a detailed job brief, Job description and person specification. We’ll also examine the clients working environment, ethos and key stakeholders.

Step 2
Step 3

The Recruitment Journey - Step 3

COTW begin candidate search

Using our sourcing systems we can identify the top 15% of candidates for roles all roles.

Step 3
Step 4

The Recruitment Journey - Step 4

Candidate CV shortlisting

Utilising JD, PS and essential and desirable criteria and in some cases psychometric testing.

Step 4
Step 5

The Recruitment Journey - Step 5

COTW conduct interviews

Firstly via phone and subsequently in person assessing essential criteria with scripted questions and applying a score for each.

Step 5
Step 6

The Recruitment Journey - Step 6

COTW provide client with candidate list for review

Facilitating a successful interview means we handle the scheduling and prepare candidates. We can also navigate you through the offer process covering counter offers and act as your middle man throughout.

Step 6